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About Us

Delisha Walden

In April of 2016, God placed a vision of many inside of me. After fasting and praying this vision began to flourish. After being blessed with a building, we begin to work on the building to bring everything together. In February 2017, we opened the doors of Beyond Blessed Learning Center with over 30 years combined experience.  At Beyond Blessed we look forward to building a family relationship because we are your child's first teachers.  

In 2018, God blessed us with the opportunity to move to another location closing the first location. It took work to get the building prepared but God did it! Items were donated and things began to fall in place. We placed God as the guide and we followed. Our focus became love, literacy, and language .

Thank you for being a part of Beyond Blessed Learning Center where we will work to

"Create Memories Every Day!"

Teaching Teams Coming Soon!

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